bartwaltersmallHave that little cellophane-wrapped toothpick at the ready, and let no one stand between you and that last plastic tumbler of merlot.

Today’s edition of Red Bank oRBit offers up a virtual wine-and-cheese tour of some half-dozen all-new art happenings going on at the galleries (and museums, and libraries, and even hospitals) of the greater RB oRBit — not to mention more already in progress. Either way, it’s a lot of cabernet and camembert, so watch that wine intake, or this Art Walk will be a Pub Crawl in the morning.

We’ll take you to the Blaisdell Lobby at Riverview Med Center, scene of a fundraising sale starring the Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast; to the county library’s Eastern Branch, where an After Hours Celebration walks on the wild side, courtesy of noted sculptor Bart Walter and his big bronze “Wildthings” (as pictured above). We’ll celebrate Asbury Park’s Arts Block with some wonderfully noisy neighbors, and tell you the best places to dodge this Saturday’s anticipated zombie attack.

It’s all here, along with a “Midweek Hangover Helper” roundup of music, film and theater events that should knock you flat into this Thursday —only on the walls of Red Bank oRBit!