Oh, those Colmorgen Kids! Not for the first time, a bit of sleuthing went into the family’s effort to answer last week’s ‘Where.’

The Colmorgens — Kathy Lou, her brothers Carl and Bob, and Bob’s wife, Debbie — are ‘Where’ devotees from the start of redbankgreen. They have been known to supplement their formidable knowledge of Red Bank-area landmarks with special scouting trips aimed at solving our weekly puzzle.

We got this email from Carl regarding the mailbox shown in last week’s photo:

Brother Bob in studying the flag on this WHERE showed what he thought was the symbol of the Episcopal Church and consulting with sister Kathy Lou who agreed. I than went to Episcopal Churches in Little Silver And Shrewsbury and located the WHERE at Christ Church, Shrewsbury. The box is on Sycamore Ave entrance.

Indeed it is. Reader Trish DePonti also identified it, though she didn’t say if it required the use of any gas money. Thanks for writing in, folks.

This week: the postman rings twice, with our second mailbox in a row. Who knows where this fetching specimen is located? If you, or your clan, would like to venture a guess, save yourself the cost of a stamp and email us, please.