sickels-borghi-mennaBorough administrator Stanley Sickels at a council meeting last month, with deputy clerk Pam Borghi and Mayor Pasquale Menna.

hot-topic rightSalaries for non-unionized managers at Red Bank’s borough hall would get an annualized three-percent bump under the terms of an ordinance introduced by the town council earlier this week.

The proposal, which is expected to be up for public comment and a vote at the council’s December 22 meeting, shows no change in the $3,600 yearly pay for council members and the $7,301 salary of Mayor Pasquale Menna.

Among those who’d get the increase, which is slated to be retroactive to July 1 of this year, are the multi-hatted Stanley Sickels, who serves as borough administrator, purchasing agent, deputy clerk and fire marshal in the construction code enforcement office.

The first three of those jobs would pay Sickels an aggregate $43,768 this year, up from $42,493 in 2008. Pay for the construction official’s job would go to $110,887, from $107,648.

Next-highest on the salary list isthe job of chief financial officer, held by Frank Mason. His pay would rise to $93,786, from $91,054, if the ordinance passes as written. Officials called the bill a “draft.”

Third on the list is Gary Watson, a retired police officer who serves as assistant administrator, head of the public works department, parking utility manager and certified recycling professional. His salary, now at $82,997, would grow to $85,487.

The increases match those given after negotiations with the two unions that represent the police and blue-collar workers. They would be retroactive only to July 1, instead of the customary start date of January 1, said Sickels.

The draft does not show a salary for the borough clerk. That position has been vacant for most of the year since the last holder, Carol Vivona, stepped down for personal reasons. In 2008, the position paid $71,737.

This week’s Hub reports that officials intend to fill the vacancy. In the interim, those duties are being handled by deputy clerk Pam Borghi, whose current salary is listed at $36,221.

Workers paid by the hour or per meeting would see no increases, the draft indicates.