Who sez print is dead? Certainly not the pixelated pages of Red Bank oRBit, where you’ll probably find more good and interesting stuff about books (and their bookmakers) than in any medium this side of, well, books. They also make a great gift idea!

In just this last week-and-change alone, the oRBit desk brought you news and interviews with rookie novelist Ralph Nader and with Red Bank’s resident star children’s author Elise Primavera — to say nothing of a feature on the wordsmithing wig-out that is the Long Branch Poetry Festival. In today’s edition, we bring you a Q&A with the Tuckerberrys — that’s Jill Eikenberry & Michael Tucker, your TV pals from L.A. Law — as they head to the Shore this weekend for an appearance promoting their new book, Family Meals.

And no, it’s not a cookbook, Twilight Zone fans — rather it’s an inspiring true-life story of how one modern American family came back together (“became more Italian,” as Tucker tells it) when Jill’s elderly mom required round-the-clock care. And if that sounds like a downer, well, you haven’t read the book. Meet the Tuckerberrys — today in Red Bank oRBit!