After a couple of weeks of anemic responses, last week‘s image proved just the tonic for getting the blood stirring in this creaky old feature again.

We heard from: Mark & Cindy Allen, Les Hathaway, Jenn Woods, Christel Devlin, Susan Noone, Jennifer Gallagher, Lindsey Hintelmann, Tim Lake, the Colmorgen Clan, Frank Leslie, Fred Blumberg, Ken Kalada, Jen White, Pete DeFazio, Trish DePonti, William Crooks and J.C. Kelly.

All but one of them correctly ID’d the shot as a piece of the Katsin’s Drug Store sign on Shrewsbury Avenue in Red Bank.

Frank wrote “Kislin’s,” which was a sporting goods store on East Front Street in Red Bank until about three years ago. Maybe he meant Katsin’s?

For several who wrote in, seeing the sign brought on a flash of nostalgia. Fred writes:

Hey thats Charlie Katsins sign on Catherine St, I was a delivery boy
there in 1976-7 with Russell ford, Nathan Tomaino, Brian Costello…
used to park that little beast Toyota delivery car, under that sign!
(i could relate many a story)

Thanks to all who took the time to drop us a note.

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