donald-brown-rbcRBC shows its pride with a banner hung outside the school’s Broad Street entrance.

brown-donaldRookie Indianapolis Colts running back Donald Brown is headed to Super Bowl XLIV this weekend.

Sportswriter Steve Edelson of the Asbury Park Press had a piece over the weekend about the Red Bank Catholic graduate.

It touches on a leadership conference that the Atlantic Highlands resident was organizing for Shore Conference football players even as he was about to be drafted into the NFL last year.

It also zeroes in on Brown’s desire to donate $2,000 to Red Bank’s Lunch Break soup kitchen in the days leading up to the AFC Championship game against the Jets last week:

So here it is, the week of the biggest football game of a 22-year-old NFL rookie’s life, and one of the things on his mind, aside from preparing for the Jets, is giving back in the community.

Needless to say, Gwen Love, executive director of Lunch Break, was moved and impressed. “He’s an amazing young man,” she tells Edelson.


“Donald was always mature beyond his years,” said UConn coach Randy Edsall. “In his approach to life and giving back in areas that were important to him and in terms of how he went about his business academically, as well as taking care of his body. And he has remained humble about everything.”