To best appreciate our angle on the gilded wrench shown in last week’s Where, perhaps one has to pull up beside it in a tiny British roadster.

The spanner is on display, monument-like, in a planter in front of Foreign Cars of Monmouth on River Road in Fair Haven.

But it is (blessedly) not one of those looming monstrosities of a sign. In fact it’s rather low, and thus, easy to miss.

Which might explain why, even though Kathy Lou Colmorgen knew for certain where it was (“I had seen it over a year ago and thought it would be a good Where,” she tells redbankgreen), her brother, Carl whom she dispatched to that address, didn’t see it. Oh, those Colmorgen Kids!

In addition to Kathy Lou, all these folks knew the location: Matt Villa, Peter Neczesny, self-described “Brush Lady of Fair Haven” Elizebeth Lilleston, Dawn Stout, Larry Quigley (who calls the shop “a fine and reliable business”), Alex Turoczi, Patricia West and the fine and reliable Wheregular Trish DePonti

Thank you all for writing in.

If you know where to find the source of this week’s image, please, send us an email.