There’s often something ticklish about the things our ‘Where’ respondents include with their answers.

From last week’s mailbag concerning Where number 201, showing a Buddha statue:

This is on west front street by the apartments near the WOW. I think I met the Keanu Reeves look-alike who is opening a personal training or yoga studio there.
— Matthew Borowski

I saw someone taking a picture of Budda at 6:30 in the morning while on my way to work and I said to myself “either someone really loves Budda or it’s going to be a Where.”

Tell your photographer ( wife? ) she was caught in the act. Wish I had a camera to take a picture of her taking a picture.

It’s at 22-24 W. Front St. in the entry way.
— Whereregular Trish DePonti”s Husband. ( I’m not telling Trish, She’s on her own. )

Thanks to Matt and Mr. D, as well to Thomas J. Ryan, the Colmorgen Kids and, yes, Trish DePonti for writing in. All got the location correct.

To be specific, it’s the relatively new building at West Front Street and Boat Club Court in Red Bank.

Do you know where this week’s picture is from? If so, please drop us an email with WHERE in the subject line. Thanks.