Hey, it’s almost the last day of the week. School’s almost out. Summer’s almost here. Time to get on your walking shoes.

Now, if you could just remember Where you were heading when you passed by this chipper fellow. If you do, drop us an email, please, with the words Where Have I Seen This in the subject line.

Last week’s edition brought in two dozen replies, only two of which weren’t Grade A. One mistook the steps in the picture for those outside the First Presbyterian Church of Red Bank at Tower Hill. (By coincidence, those steps were a Where Have I Seen This back in November, 2006). Another told us simply that it showed “River Road steps to house I think in Red Bank.”

As the rest of our correspondents knew, last week’s shot was taken on the river side of the Red Bank Public Library on West Front Street.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Colmorgen Kids, Gladys Bowden, Mark & Cindy Allen, Joan Jay, Les Hathaway, Bonnie Brookes, Cindy Burnham, Walt Cuje, Fran Waldmann, Sue McLaughlin, Samanth Quintas, Sue Noone, Robert Bruce, Michael Miller, Cathy Donohue, Peter Seligman, Joe Marczak, Jennifer Gallagher, Donald Kelly, Pam Borghi, Trish DePonti, Carl Markowitz, Wendy Spencer and Bonnie Thomas.