Dramamine, anyone?

Once you’ve gotten your sea legs, tell us where you’ve seen this, mateys. An email with the words “Where Have I Seen This?” in the subject line will do it.

The building shown in last week’s Where was well-recognized, unsurprisingly, as the residence-turned-office building at the corner of Broad Street and Wikoff Place in Red Bank. The distinctive green-shingled roof certainly makes it stand out.

Reader Kevin Chieff called it a “beautiful English-style roof,” but most of the more than two dozen folks who wrote in referred to the structure as the “mushroom house.” A few invoked the image of trolls, hobbits or elves.

Randall Gabrielan of Middletown, author of numerous photo-history books, writes in “Red Bank, Vol. II” that the house was built in 1925 by Charles K. Champlin in 1925 “after he retired from the stage. The house, architect unknown, is bungalow-style with a roof simulating thatch.”

Thanks to all who wrote in: Kevin Chieff, Jenn Woods, Joanna, Peter Neczesny, Justin Tice, Pamela Stockham, Kirk Openshaw, Sara Weythman, Dan Riordan, Jennifer Gallagher, Alex Jones, Susan Noone, Christine Jahnig, David Crowton, Vera Hough, Christel Devlin, Bonnie Brookes, Ellen Clayton, Sandra Talarico, Alicia Woods, the Colmorgen Kids, Judy Villa, J.C. Kelly, Alan Fisher, Kristine Giglio, Stephen Mitchell, Larry Quigley, Trish DePonti, Cathi Swett, Nancy White, Greg Maloof, Shannon Littlehale and Jackie Patterson.