where_090210From the trivial fact department: the proper term for these winged boys is not cherub, as commonly mistaken, but putti.

Not so useless information: Last week’s Where was the West Street view of Juanito’s restaurant on Monmouth.

Of the five readers who wrote in last week, two were mistaken. One took it for the exterior of surf and skatewear shop Stokaboka on Monmouth Street, and the other thought it was NovelTeas on Bridge Avenue.

Thanks for writing in go out to Les Hathaway, Lillian Marshall, Cindy Burnham, J.C. Kelly, and the Colmorgen Kids, who had a bit of an advantage: they can see Juanito’s from their house.

Now, if you think you know where you’ve spotted this angelic pair, type “Where Have I Seen This?” in the subject line and shoot us an email.