sb_fisherNAME Margaret C Fisher – I prefer Meg (Democrat)

AGE 61

OCCUPATION Pediatrician


General Questions:

1. What do you see as the top three issues in town?

First – beachfront development

Second – flooding in the downtown area and fear of flooding elsewhere

Third – keeping the budget under control and getting the most for our money

2. What specifically are you planning to do to address those issues?

As a newcomer, my first goal will be to listen to the options and form opinions based on facts. I will try
to bring some new ideas to the table and will try to be sure the old ideas are either put into actions or
discarded. The topics of flooding and growth have been on the agenda for as long as I have lived in Sea
Bright. I would like to see us take some action rather than continuing to talk and plan and then discard
the plans.

3. What will be the challenges in getting these goals accomplished?

The counsel members will have to agree and the solutions must be affordable.

4. What expenditures, if any, do you see as ripe for trimming in order to keep the budget growth under
the mandated two-percent cap?

Currently we have a very trim budget so there are no easy targets. We have to look at each cost and
decide if it makes sense. Finding new sources of income is another possibility; if the businesses flourish,
then there will be more income to manage.

5. Do you see any potential sources of revenue that need to be tapped?

We must support our businesses. Expanding the beach front makes sense; we must do it in a way that
will ensure a long term income.

6. What if any municipal services should be consolidated among towns?

It is essential to answer this question. Currently I do not have enough information to make an informed
opinion. I believe that this is an avenue we must explore.

7. What is one thing voters need to know about you, but may not?

My career has been devoted to providing the best possible health care to child; I have a real passion
about ensuring that our children get the best education and the best health care possible.


Sea Bright Questions:
1. Considering current economic conditions, what should Sea Bright be doing with regard to its
beachfront properties?

It is time to start improving these properties. We need to develop the beachfront in ways that preserve
our natural resources yet improve facilities for our residents and encourage businesses to come to the

2. What if anything can Sea Bright do to improve the commercial viability of the downtown?

The past efforts to beautify Sea Bright were a start but they have not continued. Appearances lead
to first impressions and determine the likelihood that a person will return. We need to work on our

3. What, if any, concerns do you have about the impact of the new Rt. 36 bridge in Sea Bright, and what
should be done to address those concerns?

The new bridge at Sandy Hook will have 4 lanes yet it empties into a 2 lane 35 mile per hour road into
Sea Bright. I think there will be challenges ensuring safety for those who live in that first block and
managing the merging traffic. More traffic into town can lead to more business and thus benefits for
the town.