This week’s Comment of the Week gets the nod for giving voice to a point of view that is probably more commonly held than one might assume from reading other comments on this site.

Posted by “Jenn” under our story, PARKING-SHORTAGE RULE TO BE SUSPENDED, it read:

Why is it so difficult for people to understand how a meter works?

1. Put quarter in meter.

2. Look at watch.

3. Come back in 30 minutes or less.

Problem solved.

Of course, that wasn’t the debate-ender the author perhaps had wished for, in part because she had Red Bank’s meter rates wrong, as pointed out by “md,” who replied:

Hey Jenn, It sounds so easy. Guess you havenÂ’t parked on Monmouth Street lately? Put a quarter in, come back in 30 minutes, and you would have been 15 minutes late and already have a $38 ticket on your window.

And there was more to follow, as there always is on this issue, most of it fueled by the size of the overtime parking fine. But Jenn gets points for brevity in her call for common sense and responsibility.

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