Kevin Donohue gets the Comment of the Week spotlight this week for posting a comment with his (apparently) real name and using the forum as a means of reaching out to another commenter.

An earlier comment by Donohue, under our Q&A with then-candidate Sharon Lee (who was subsequently re-elected to the Red Bank council) had drawn some criticism from another commenter who also uses his real name, Gary Morris.

Donohue replied with a measured, non-confrontational post that reached out to Morris in a constructive way. Here it is:


Hi, I met you at Kim’s “budget” meeting.

By “KOD” I think you mean me, I’m “KD”, there’s no “O”.

I never voiced support of Ms. Lee so maybe “KOD” is someone else.

I’m not supporting anyone in particular, so there is no misguided support there, although I may be misguided in other areas.

I’m supporting the idea that it’s wrong to say any particular person violated the law via a conflict of interest, or is a “criminal” based on their personal dislike for that politician rather than based on evidence.

I find it especially wrong when people (yes I consider politicians to be people, maybe a minority view)are slandered by anonymous posters.

And as per my post above I’m trying to determine whether individual alleged conflicts are really conflicts or people just think they should be.

I don’t think I’m a “democrat army of one”.

But if I am why don’t you join me as soldier no. 2 in saying that it shouldn’t be anything goes just because you disagree with a politicians stance or votes.

As for your lyrical explanation of your views specifically on Horgan & Lee, I have no interest in recommending to you or anyone else who they should vote for.

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