The future of beachfront development in Sea Bright will stay in the hands of those who started making plans for it.

Incumbent Republicans Brian Kelly and Peggy Bills thwarted a challenge by Democrats  Meg Fisher and Marc Leckstein in Tuesday’s election.

Like Kelly, Fisher made beachfront development a top campaign priority. But it was Kelly, who heads the borough’s Smart Growth Committee and has been involved in drafting plans for a waterfront restaurant and pool club, who voters picked to continue to work toward the goal of bringing more revenue into the borough via the municipal beach.

Here are the numbers, as per the Monmouth County Clerk, as of 10:55p:

Vote Count Percent
REP – Peggy A. BILLS 291 29.01%
REP – Brian KELLY 323 32.20%
DEM – Margaret C. FISHER 205 20.44%
DEM – Marc A. LECKSTEIN 184 18.34%
Write-In 0 0.00%
Total 1,003 100.00%