njsp-marine1State Police will continue its search for a missing kayaker, “for the foreseeable future,” a spokesman says. (Photo by Dustin Racioppi; click to enlarge)


State Police have identified a Tinton Falls man as the Shrewsbury River kayaker who’s been missing since Wednesday, and will continue to search for him “for the foreseeable future,” said Sgt. Stephen Jones, a spokesman.

The department, along with area volunteer fire departments, have been searching the river for David Civile, 36 26, since late Wednesday. The Coast Guard, which had been assisting in the search, has since called off its operation, Sgt. Dan White, also of the State Police, said.

All agencies suspended the search for Civile at about 10:30p Wednesday night, and resumed it again first thing this morning, Jones said.

In addition to a surface search up and down the Shrewsbury and surrounding waters, Jones said police boats are using sonar “to spot any evidence at the bottom.”

“There is a very wide area to continue this surface search,” he said.

Jones would not say what the chances of survivability are in these conditions — the water temperature was 53 degrees Thursday afternoon, he said, “which is very cold.”

“The good thing is most of the water is shallow, so maybe the better (outside) temperature days will help,” White said.

Authorities were first notified that Civile was missing around 8p last night when his kayak was found near the uninhabited Sedge Island, which lies between Sea Bright and Rumson on the Shrewsbury River.

Jones said a number of factors could determine how long police continue to search for Civile, so he would not place any timeframe on the operations.

“We’ll just continue the search with the resources available for the foreseeable future right now,” he said.