rumson-search-2Rumson firefighters shine floodlights on the Shrewsbury River from the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge in search of a missing kayaker Wednesday night. (Click to enlarge)

Helicopters and emergency personnel from Little Silver, Rumson and elsewhere searched in vain for a kayaker who reportedly went missing in the Shrewsbury River Wednesday afternoon or early evening.

The search involved watercraft and at least two helicopters scouring the river from Highlands to Oceanport through sunset and into the darkness of night as gusty winds buffeted the region.

A team of seachers was also said to have been transported to the uninhabited Sedge Island off Sea Bright, where the river takes its northward bend toward Sandy Hook Bay.

According to an unconfirmed report, an empty kayak was found near Sedge Island, and relatives of the missing kayaker confirmed that it was his.

The search was called off shortly before 10:30p, more than four hours after it began, because of tide changing tide conditions. It was expected to continue Thursday morning.