catherine-0322112A motorist parked a car atop the sidewalk on Leighton Avenue near Catherine Street in Red Bank late Tuesday morning and then vanished for hours, a reader tells redbankgreen.

The reader, who supplied the photo and asked not to be identified, says he notified the borough’s parking enforcement department, which sent a couple of officers around.

But the they left without issuing a ticket.

redbankgreen put in a call to parking utility director Gary Watson for an explanation.

Watson confirms that enforcement officers responding to the complaint found the car in a driveway and partly blocking the sidewalk in a residential area.

park_it_021They were unable to locate the car’s owner, but found a babysitter who said the owner was among many attendees at a funeral up the street at Pilgrim Baptist Church.

The officers “have the discretion, and they extended [the car’s owner] the courtesy” of not issuing a ticket, Watson says. He said the fact that the driver was at a funeral and that the sidewalk was still passable were factors.

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