Oh, the things you see in people’s yards.

Have you encountered this range rover in your travels? Tell us where, please, via pony express.

Last week, Where Have I Seen This? zoomed in on one of two decorative Japanese lanterns flanking a roadway entrance.

They’re at Sunnybank Drive, a private road off Sycamore Avenue in Shrewsbury, near the Little Silver border.

Though the street appears on local maps as a public road, “don’t drive in unless you want to explain why you are there to the Shrewsbury Borough Police,” writes one of our readers, speaking from experience. “Apparently the residents are very wary of any non-resident vehicle on the road.”

Writes another, who apparently gets away scot-free with flagrant trespassing, “When the azaelas are in bloom, drive to the end of the street and behold a colonial-style home that seems to be floating on a sea of azaelas. You won’t forget it.”

Not everyone who wrote in got the location right, but we’re grateful to all nonetheless for taking the time to write. Thanks to Parker Trasborg, Bob Wentway, Jenn Woods, Chip Connell, Bonnie Brookes, Robert Clark, Carol McLean (of New Smyrna Beach, Florida), Mary White, Christine Jahnig, the Colmorgen Kids, Nancy White, Mark Molzon, Alan Fisher, Judy Villa, Sandra Talarico, Marian Quigley, Diane Carlton, Ellen Clayton, Kristine Giglio and Sue Noone.