Click to enlarge this week’s Where Have I Seen This? Perhaps more than most, this one might require some reflection to identify. Once you’ve got it, send us your answer by email, please.

Last week’s shot, showing a lifesized replica buffalo with a John Boehner tan, was an easy one for almost two dozen readers who contacted us.

Location: the front yard of the house at 50 Cherry Tree Farm Road in Middletown.

A burly ‘thank you’ to all those who wrote in: Joe Turner, Melanie Fortescue (who tells us she grew up two doors away), Bob Fortescue, Michael Rooney (who’s “shocked that a local band of teenagers have not managed to relocate this to Mater Dei’s 50 yard line”), Sue Noone, Chris Fotache, Trevor Christman, Michael Smith, Michael Lordi, Jenn Woods, Don Watson, Gale Brennan, Daniel Sullivan, Brock Siebert, Myrna Bonin, Nanette Reis, Ed Keighron, Rose & Jeff Demos, Joseph Glynn, Allyson Cinquegrana, Jennifer Diodato-Hernandez and Jill Kozlowski.