A tip of the hat – which is all that Where is wearing this week – goes to the three readers who recognized the tableau of cutesified animal statues shown in last week’s photo.

The shot was taken at the entrance to Gunnison Beach near the northern end of Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook.

Yeah, the one where they get as nekkid as jaybirds. Actually, the beach is “clothing optional.”

redbankgreen got that shot on July 4, a hot and sunny day that drew such large crowds that the entrance to the park was shut down by late morning, as often happens on summer weekends. But the ferries from New York kept arriving at the other end of the park, and the buses that shuttle the arrivals to the beaches had nowhere else to go, apparently, but Gunnison.

Let’s just say there may be a few cottontail city dwellers who got an eyeful that day. Where Have You Seen This, however, kept its eye from wandering, being on-duty and all that.

Thanks to Jenn Woods, John Ekdahl and Melissa Embler for writing in.

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