mechanic-blood-2Building owner Jack Anderson removes broken glass Thursday morning from the scene of a mystery incident on Mechanic Street in Red Bank. (Click to enlarge)


Somebody had a rough, bloody night in Red Bank.

Office and store workers arrived downtown Thursday morning to find a window at the former Ashes Cigar Bar smashed and a heavy trail of blood running about 150 down Mechanic Street, where it ended in a pool on the apron of a driveway.

mechanic-bloodThe trail of blood extended about 150 east, past Cardner’s Barber Shop. (Click to enlarge)

Borough police Captain Darren McConnell is checking to see if there was a report overnight. We’ll update the story here once we’ve heard back from him.

Building owner Jack Anderson tells redbankgreen he learned of the mess from a tradesman doing work on a nearby building, but had no idea what happened. He arrived to find broken glass that had been propelled at least 20 feet into the interior of the former restaurant and bar, which is slated to become a Char Steakhouse.

Barbers at Cardner’s Barber shop inspected the scene with incredulity.

“Wow, somebody’s head went through that,” said one, eyeing the menacing, blood-tipped shards of glass left in the window frame.

“Somebody’s lucky to be alive, if he is,” said another.