73-monmouthInnovative Nails brings a waterless approach to manicures and pedicures to the space last occupied by Honey Child Music. (Click to enlarge)


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Sixteen years ago, Josephine More got her start in the business of manicures and pedicures in a largely-forgotten nail salon called Kazmira at 73 Monmouth Street in Red Bank.

So it was pure coincidence that, when More started looking for a storefront in which to open her own salon, her husband, Patrick, chanced upon a Craigslist ad for that very same address. Honey Child Music, which occupied the space for years after Kazmira, departed earlier this year.

On Monday, the Mores were busy painting and sprucing up the 800-square-foot storefront, where Josephine plans to soon open her own salon, called Innovative Nails.

Um, another nail salon in town?

Well, this one will be different, says More, who lives in Long Branch an has been working at a salon in Shrewsbury. Innovative Nails will be “waterless,” she says, meaning there will be no vessels in which clients soak their fingers or toes, reducing the risk of bacterial transmission. Hot towels will be used instead, says More.

The shop will also use an autoclave to sterilize stainless steel instruments, and clients will be tended to in reclining chairs in private rooms.

“It’s very eco-friendly, and more sanitary,” she says. “You’re not sharing anything with anyone.”

More plans to open her shop by January.

Property records indicate that the property is owned by an entity whose managing member is Theodore Kutzin of Little Silver.