One reader thought last week’s Where Have I Seen This?, which showed a lighted path and archway, was taken at the Soul Kitchen on Monmouth Street in Red Bank. Another guessed the Brave New World sportswear store in Little Silver. A third went with the Dublin House in Red Bank.

So three out of four who wrote in were off-course.

Correct answer: the Shrewsbury River Yacht Club, located on our beautiful Navesink River in Fair Haven – or, as the club’s website cheekily puts it, “located on the North Shrewsbury River commonly called the Navesink.”

The club’s history makes for an engaging read. The club was started a little more than a century ago by a bunch of vaudeville actors who earned the $250 needed to buy a houseboat clubhouse by putting on a show at the Frick Theater in Red Bank, it says. And for the first three decades, it was a “players only” club. Meaning actors. Male actors. Non-actors were not permitted as members until 1939, according to the account by club historian Mary T. Santry. Women were not permitted as members until 1995.

Thanks for writing in go out to Jackie Francisco Sapienza, Danielle Holter, Karen Irvine and Trish DePonti.

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