A tracking dog from the Monmouth County Sheriff’s office arriving at a home on Prospect Avenue at noon. (Click to enlarge)

Police and tracking dogs from a half-dozen jurisdictions were searching for two men as possible burglars in Little Silver at midday Wednesday.

Police advised officials at the Point Road School not to allow children out for recess, but did not call for a lockdown, as they hunted for the pair in a large area of homes surrounding a marshy woodland.

Police were searching the area bound by Kings Road, Seven Bridges Road, Point Road and Prospect Avenue. (Click to enlarge)

The search was centered in the area of Queens Drive South, and bounded by Kings Road, Seven Bridges Road, Point Road and Prospect Avenue, following a report of two suspicious males.

Dispatches described the men as white or Hispanic and possibly wearing dark clothing. They were initially believed to have vanished into woods and swamp as police responded to the initial call at about 11 a.m.

With search dogs from the Monmouth County Sheriff’s office and the Long Branch Police department, authorities hoped to close in on the suspects from four sides. The region is intercut in places by wide streams and thick with sedge and phragmites.

It was not immediately clear if any homes had been burglarized or if an attempt had been made to illegally enter a home.

Little Silver has been the scene of a number of recent residential break-ins.

Red Bank, Fair Haven, Shrewsbury and Oceanport police were also aiding in the search.