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As for last week’s Where Have I Seen This….

Our photo showed a lane disappearing into woods, with a municipal-style street sign in red reading “Swain Lane.”

It may not require a super-sharp eye to know the location of the sign, which is on Ridge Road in Rumson, between Harding Place and Fair Haven Road, opposite Fair Haven Fields. And the red is a giveaway that it’s not a public street.

A bit of spatial reckoning is in order, though, because the address is on Rumson Road.

The sign is at the rear entrance of residential property listed as belonging to Kenneth Swain, whose house is nearly 2,000 feet away from the sign and fronts on Rumson Road, nearly opposite Rumson Country Club.

A lot connecting those two roads is a rarity these days, a vestige of the time when truly grand estates proliferated in Rumson. Do you know of any others? We were surprised that this one existed.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Mayor John Ekdahl, Louise Larsen, Heather Andersen, Frank Quagliariello, Wade Davis, Sandra Talarico, Patricia Quadarella and Phyllis Cronin.