A second clue to last week’s Where Have I Seen This? didn’t keep some fans of this feature from going a bit astray.

One guessed it was taken at Prown’s Home Improvement on Monmouth Street. Another suggested “Page Photo Service (Matthew Page) located at 113 West Front Street, Red Bank” and added: “They had purchased the entire facilities of the Camera Shop formerly located in Carlton Theater building,” which is of course now the Count Basie Theatre.

But the rest of the 19 readers who wrote in got it right: Fantastic Signs on Shrewsbury Avenue in Red Bank, which has among many striking artifacts on display the old Dorn’s Photo Shop sign, saved when that Wallace Street shop was demolished to make way for the Metropolitan apartments.

The added clue, for those who missed it, was an excerpt of a 2008 redbankgreen article about Wallace Street being ceremonially renamed Dorn’s Way.

Thanks to all who wrote in: Robert Budnick, Kristofer Jones, Les Hathaway, Dustin Racioppi (who penned our 2011 feature about Fantastic Signs), Amanda Lynn, Yvonne MacDonald, Mike, the Colmorgen Kids, Fred Gill, Tom Cosgrove, Megan Prenderville, Sandra Talarico, Ken Kalada, Kevin Chieff, David Prown, Trish DePonti, Alan Fisher, Alicia Woods and Fantastic Signs owner John Oakley, who says “I think I peed a little” seeing his store featured here. And really, who wouldn’t?

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