5:43 a.m.: Sunrise amid gauzy cloud cover, as seen from Sea Bright’s public beach. (Photo by Danielle Tepper. Click to enlarge)

Today, the Summer of 2012 bares a toothy grin – but watch out for those gnarly incisors.

A heat advisory from the National Weather Service is in effect as temperatures are expected to soar into the mid-90s along the Green.

redbankgreen will be out on the streets of our towns today, chasing the sun – Sol Searching, as we call it – on the longest day of the year, the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. (Be sure to refresh your browser if you haven’t seen our temporary masthead, above).

Our coverage began with the 5:27 sunrise at Sea Bright and continues through the 15-plus hours of daylight. Please check in regularly to see where we’ve been.

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