4:31 p.m.: Amelia Liberatore, Sarah Pyne and Vanessa Romano, all of Middletown, head home after six hours at the Anchorage beach in Sea Bright. They stayed in the water most of that time after finding tanning in the mid-90-degree heat uncomfortable to the point of pain.

“It’s annoying once you stay too long,” Romano said. “But I thought it was a good beach day because the water was warm. It was so refreshing, but without the water, it would’ve been bad.”  (Photo by Danielle Tepper. Click to enlarge)

Today, redbankgreen engages in a bit of Sol Searching as we chase the sun across the Green on the longest – thanks to the Summer Solstice – and, by coincidence, so-far-hottest day of the year. Please check in regularly to see where we’ve been. Suggestions? Send ’em here, please.