Last week we got a little trippy with Where Have I Seen This. Couldn’t help ourselves.

We noticed, while seated on a bench across Broad Street in Red Bank from Yestercades one recent evening, that the sunlight on the red brick building on the east side of the street – home to a Merrill Lynch office – is reflected in great detail in the Yestercades window, and that a painting of a woman’s head on that window appears to float over the reflection.

No, we weren’t hallucinating. Click on the original photo above right to see for yourself.

Then we made it harder by giving the photo a kaleidoscope treatment. Yeah, we’re like that sometimes.

It apparently turned out to be a stumper of a Where. The Colmorgen Kids first thought it was from the Tiffany & Company store a short distance away on Broad. But then they wrote in again to correctly identify it as the Merrill Lynch building. Another Wheregular, Trish DePonti, also got it. But that was it.

Thanks for writing in, folks – and congratulations to Bob & Debbie Colmorgen on their 32nd wedding anniversary today.

Think you can identify the subject and location of this week’s photo? Send us a guess via email, please.