One of the controversial gas valves that New Jersey Natural Gas insists are safer above ground – a claim borough officials dispute in a lawsuit – was struck by a falling tree on Monmouth Street during the storm Monday night, triggering a leak that emergency workers had to halt at the peak of the hurricane, said borough Administrator Stanley Sickels. (Click to enlarge)

Here’s a smattering of posts from around the Green that would have gone up in something closer to real time, if not for redbankgreen‘s lack of power and Internet access…

BREAKING: Electric power returning to parts of Red Bank. Monmouth Street, E & W Front. JCP&L “not communicating” with boro on timetable for rest, official tells us. 3:05p #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Return of power prompts spate of alarms, officials report. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Town adopts Monmouth County curfew rules. No one out from 7p to 7a until further notice. #rbgSandy

RUMSON: Steady stream of residents and would-be sightseers turned away from devastation in Sea Bright. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Residents in no danger of losing muni water pressure, town officials say. Pumps powered by natural gas. Sanitary sewer also OK. #rbgSandy

SEA BRIGHT: Photos show Donovan’s wiped out by storm, Chapel Beach club, widespread destruction downtown. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Large pole on Newman Springs in danger of falling, keeps road closed b/t Broad and So. Bridge. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Generator at Atrium luxury senior hi-rise failed in storm, town officials say. Replacement being sought Wed. a.m. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Grandville Tower lost part of roof but hi-rise has elevator & hallway power from generator. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Tree fell in front of 135 Monmouth St. during storm, smashing above-ground gas valve and causing leak, town officials say. #rbgSandy

SEA BRIGHT: Widespread destruction downtown, less so in North Beach, witness says. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Post office dark but open if you need stamps. #rbgSandy

SEA BRIGHT: Unconfirmed report of telephone pole lodged in first-floor unit at Anchorage Apartments. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: STAY AWAY FROM DOWNED LINES. Town officials say they don’t yet know which ones are still live. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: As of Wed. a.m., these streets had downed wires and full or partial blockages: E. Bergen, Hudson, Madison, Washington and Shrewsbury b/t Herbert & Leonard. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Recycling and trash pick schedules are back to normal, officials say. #rbgSandy

RUMSON: Unconfirmed reports of looting in neighborhood south of bridge. Police strictly restricting access to residents. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Emergency alerts were sent by boro but not delivered to subscribers by some telecom carriers, says Administrator Sickels. #rbgSandy

RUMSON: Witness says boat came up Washington St. during storm, “bumped into a couple of house” before washing back out. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Town limiting use of non-emergency vehicles to conserve gasoline, officials say. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Primary school suffered minimal flood damage. Two boats set adrift from Irwin Marine recovered unscathed.

RED BANK: Volunteers sought to get word out about power line safety, town services etc. Visit boro hall. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Sickels says timetable for power return is 7-10 days. JCP&L starting at substations and working outward. Town wants Riverview to get priority. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Riverview Med Ctr providing basic services but operating rooms shut down until non-emergency power can be restored, town officials say. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Oyster Point Hotel evacuated before peak of storm got six feet of water in basement, town officials say. Molly had minor first-floor water damage. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Chapin Hill nursing home back to normal after first floor floods in storm. No evacuations. #rbgSandy

RED BANK: Front St. Trattoria lost part of roof, some downtown windows broken in storm. Otherwise, all fine, town officials say. #rbgSandy