Thanks to Steve Goldsmith, John Ekdahl, the Colmorgen Kids, Les Hathaway and Peter Bennett for writing in to tag the location of last week’s Where Have I Seen This?

Only the Colmorgens nailed it, though.

Two of our respondents thought the picture was taken at the West Front Street rail trestle in Red Bank. One said the Red Bank municipal building, and the fourth thought it was “the Highlands bridge,” presumably meaning the Captain Joseph Azzolina Highway 36 Bridge linking Highlands with Sea Bright.

Those Wheregular Colmorgens, though, accurately identified it as a piece of the Rumson-Sea Bright County Highway 520 Bridge.

Thanks to all who wrote in. If you’d like to take a guess about this week’s shot, please send us an email with the words WHERE HAVE I SEEN THIS? in the subject line.