Last week’s Where triggered memories of a pony named Tom.

Our photo showed a squat stone pillar with an attached metal plaque reading “Silverwhite Gardens.” Eleven readers recognized it as one of two markers denoting a subdivision that… well, let’s have reader Rick Gill tell it:

Silverwhite Gardens is a housing development in Red Bank (bordering on Little Silver) located along the southern boundry of Red Bank on the south side of Pinckney Road about half way between Broad Street and Branch Avenue. The development was designed and built by The Tuller Construction Company of Red Bank in the late 1920’s. The name “Silverwhite Gardens” was chosen by the result of a contest in the spring of 1924.

The newspaper item at right appeared in the January 6, 1926 edition of the Red Bank Register. In a September, 1927, full-page ad, Tuller announced the completion of two “English type houses,” each priced at $25,000.

Kay Vilardi weighed in with some more recent memories:

My kids used to climb on top of that pillar when we took the back road walk to our house on Alden Terrace years ago.

There used to be a pony that the Ryser family kept on that road as well….so it was well traveled by people who visited “Tom” the pony…

Good memories.

For Vera Hough, it was a reminder of another such column, not far away, at Branch Avenue and Spring Street, also in Little Silver. That one, marked “Monmouth Terrace,” was the subject of Where Have I Seen This number 3, in June, 2006.

Thanks to Kay, Vera, Mark, Jenn Woods, Wade Davis, Mark Rubin, Robert Clark, the Colmorgen Kids, Les Hathaway, Tom Doremus, Michael McMahon and Trish DePonti for writing in.

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