In-house here at WHIST HQ, we referred to last week’s Where – seen at right with its doppelgänger – as Fudgie the Whale.

But as a boatload of readers knew, our photo was of the running-and-walking track map at Meadow Ridge Park in Rumson.

Several of them said that the notation on the map, which says “1 figure eight = 1 mile,” is wrong. It’s actually a bit short of a mile, according to to Jenn Woods, Vera Hough and Geoffrey Nicholas.

Says Jenn:

According to my Garmin GPS running watch, you have to run a figure 8 & then to the first tree on the right (after the playground) to make a complete mile.

Just sayin. 🙂

Thanks for writing in to Jenn, Vera, Geoffrey, Wade Davis, Craig Widmaier, Tom Doremus, Tim Lake, Ryan Corbett, Pat Noble, the Colmorgen Kids, Joseph T. Kenny, J.C. Kelly, Tracy Towler, Maria Malta, Kelly Busch, Walt Cuje, Jill Kozlowski, Debra Gunzel, Susan Murray, Trish DePonti, Suzanne Ritger, Jon Rue, Timothy Sheehan and Michael McMahon.

How about this week’s photo: think you can ID the location? Please send us an email and tell us Where you think it is.