Last week’s Where Have I Seen This? took us to the Eastern Branch of the Monmouth County Library on Broad Street in Shrewsbury.

Our shot, taken at dusk, captured a rich blue sky fading into night as reflected in the mostly glass facade.

Most of the readers who wrote in correctly ID’d the location. Wrong answers were all Red Bank locations: the Two River Theater; Hovnanian‘s headquarters on West Front Street and Maple Avenue; “the office building at Broad and Harding;” and “the apartment on top of the vacant Red Bank antiques building on the corner of Broad and Harding Roads.”

Interesting how different people see the same thing from, um, different frames of reference…

Thanks for writing in go out to Jenn Woods, Kristine Giglio, Virginia Koehler, Jill Cioci, Brian Phillips, Linda Rabon, Sandra Talerico, Les Hathaway, Lindsey Hintelmann, Macy Riley, Kay Vilardi, Anna Higgins, Trish DePonti and Kelly Busch.

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