Tiffany & Co., Garmany, Prima’s Home Café…

Of the four answers we received to last week’s photo – of a tall, arched window framing a chandelier – only one was correct, and it came from Wheregulars the Colmorgen Kids.

Our shot was taken at the Wikoff Building, an office building at 240 Maple Avenue, in Red Bank.

The 12,000-square-foot brick structure was built in 1912 and served until 2001 as the home of Fred D. Wikoff Grain and Fuel Company, when that company merged with Lawes Fuel Company of Shrewsbury, according to a contemporaneous report in the Hub.

Thanks for writing in go out to Carl, Kathy Lou, Bob and Debbie Colmorgen, as well as Peggy Robinson, Les Hathaway and Jenn Woods.

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