Got time for a little roamin’ around, perhaps? If you find this week’s Where Have I Seen This? in your travels, please send us an email and tell us where.

Last week’s photo showed a statue of an energetic horse.

“It is sort of random,” wrote a reader who identified herself only as Debie. “The horse that doesn’t seem to belong,” Rich McKenna called it. And we think we know what they both mean.

Largely hidden behind a sign, hedges and fence, it graces a triangular property at the five-points merger of Harding Road, Hudson Avenue and Branch Avenue in Red Bank. The building there is the office of dentist Hector Morales-Medina.

Thanks to the 13 readers who wrote in to answer the question: Debie, Rich, Peggy Robinson, Maria, Ginni Koehler, Lilian Marshall, Emily Hertler, Jon, Jackie Francisco, Katie Katzgrau, the Colmorgen Kids, Jeff MacPherson and Trish DePonti.