More than two dozen readers wrote in to identify last week’s Where Have I Seen This?, which showed a burbling fountain at the end of a man-made waterway.

One of our correspondents thought it was from the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, in Mercer County. For the record, Where Have I Seen This is a homebody, and never leaves redbankgreen‘s coverage area.

Last week, in fact, it didn’t leave Red Bank. As all the others who wrote in correctly noted, the animated GIF image showed parts of the water feature outside Hovnanian Enterprises headquarters, at West Front Street and Maple Avenue.

Thanks for writing go to Danielle Bonnysammy, Diane Carlton, Yvonne MacDonald, Bob Fortescue, Evie Kelly, Lynn Cremona, Mike Simpson, Jenn Woods, Kay Vilardi, Cathy Costa, Kristofer Jones, Dan Mancuso, Cindy Burnham, Shauna Ehlers, Kirk Openshaw, Kurt Christensen, Sandra Talarico, Robert, Margery, Pamela Stockham, Theklevas, Mary Ellen Hillery-Popola, Boris Kofman, Mike West, Joseph Marczak and indefatigable Wheregular Trish DePonti.

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