Michael Frissora, wearing a headcam, recorded his retrieval of a wallet and keys from the spillway at Schwenker’s Pond. (Click to enlarge)


Adept use of a fishing pole enabled a Fair Haven teenager to retrieve a wallet and set a keys from the spillway dam at Schwenker’s Pond Sunday.

Michael Frissora, 15, recorded the incident on a headcam he was using for the first time. He also provided a bit of commentary.

“Wallet and keys down there,” he says on the video, which he posted to YouTube. “I’m getting that.”

And then he does.

Frissora, an avid fisherman who learned the sport from his father, Tony, and late grandfather, Anthony Frissora, tells redbankgreen he was alone at the River Road pond, fishing and trying out a GoPro headcam an uncle had given him for Christmas. “I just wanted to see what it was like from a POV thing if I caught a fish,” he said.

He’d been fishing for about half an hour when he spotted a wallet and keys atop the spillway, about 10 feet down from where he was standing, he said.

After changing his lure for one “with the most hooks on it,” he snagged the wallet within seconds. The keys took a bit longer.

“I’ve been fishing most of my life, so I’m pretty good at aiming,” Frissora said.

Though he assumed the wallet had been tossed from a passing car after being stolen, Frissora was surprised to find it contained $20, credit cards and ID.

The wallet and keys were returned to their owner, whom Frissora declined to identify. He said he didn’t inquire how the items ended up on the spillway.

Frissora, who wrapped up his freshman year at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional on Monday, has no expectation that the video will go viral. But, “if it does then, cool,” he said.