redbankgreen‘s Sarah Klepner gathered these reactions on Red Bank’s West Side Monday to the acquittal of George Zimmerman in killing of Trayvon Martin.

George H. Brown, Red Bank: “It speaks for itself. I don’t understand how he could be killed under those conditions. He was unarmed. How did Zimmerman decide to shoot? Did he just assume that if Martin didn’t survive there’d be no repercussions? It shows how far we are from what should be.” (Click to enlarge)

Pam Elam, Lunch Break volunteer: “It’s sad. It could happen to anybody. Why is the law not the same for everybody throughout the United States? I don’t understand.” (Click to enlarge)

Medhat Michail, Red Bank: “I was surprised. I thought the verdict was going to be manslaughter, definitely. I think Zimmerman can be sued civilly, right? Some people say he was exonerated because his father’s a judge.” (Click to enlarge)

Jheri Lewis, Red Bank: “I’m very pissed off. It’s just unbelievable. Zimmerman never should have gotten out of his car. They told him not to and he got out of the car anyway. It’s like when the police stop you and tell you not to get out of the car and you get out anyway. It’s a double standard. I have a son myself. What am I supposed to do, tell him to strip naked and lay down on the ground?” (Click to enlarge)

Jerry Morley Larson, Sr., Red Bank: “I was disappointed that a black kid walking home was killed by a white kid stalking him. If the black kid had been stalking the white kid, there’s no question he would’ve been convicted. I’ve sat on murder juries. The prosecutor has to prove the case because it’s so serious. I don’t know if the prosecutor did his job or not. I’ve turned the news off because there’s so much nonsense. Zimmerman is obviously deranged. The community didn’t pick up on it because the zoning is isolating, there’s no walking.” (Click to enlarge)

Jeffrey Summey, Lunch Break volunteer: “He should’ve been found guilty.” (Click to enlarge)

Dina Mwanza, Lunch Break staff: “I thought the verdict was very unfair. What about the parents that lost their child? How do you think they feel right now? Pray for the jury.” (Click to enlarge)

Bob Jones, Red Bank: “I was really surprised… Mr. Zimmerman shouldn’t have confronted the kid at all… It gives a green light to everyone that owns a gun to be vigilantes…Any kid who walks down the street is going to feel threatened. They used the ‘stand your ground’ law for Mr. Zimmerman, but what law did Trayvon have? I also think that Trayvon’s juvenile record shouldn’t have been used as evidence in the trial. The trial was sloppy – the prosecutor was careless in presenting evidence.” (Click to enlarge)

Cheyenne Brandon, Red Bank: “It’s nothing new. According to the Bible, injustice will be right until the end. Right will be wrong and wrong will be right. This is part of setting up the one-world order where in order to be part of the system, you have to go along with wrong. They had to find him innocent or else they’d have to change the law.” (Click to enlarge)