Here’s a Where Have I See This? – or should we call it “This See I Have Where”?  – that we hope you have fun puzzling over.

It was fun for the staff here at WHIST HQ seeing the near-miss answers to last week’s photo, which showed a grand white structure as seen from the bottom of a hill.

Of the 18 readers who wrote in, six identified it as the First Presbyterian Church at Tower Hill in Red Bank. One waxed fondly about all the winters he’d spent sledding there.

Close, but wrong hill.

It’s actually a big old house on Fox Hill Drive in Little Silver – big enough, old enough and high enough to have a name: “Sky High.”

In her Images of America photo book, “Little Silver, Volume II,” historian Karen Schnitzspahn – who lives in Little Silver – tells us the Greek Revival house was built around 1906 by the Brooks family, and purchased in 1935 by “prominent Red Bank attorney” T.D. Parsons, whose family lived there for decades.

Thanks to Adam O’Brien, David Stott, Kay Vilardi, Leign Ann Hochman, Jenn Woods, Nancy White, Les Hathaway, the Colmorgen Kids, “themare1,” Tahj Holden, Vera Hough, Johnny Mego, Taugh Lynch, Deborah VonSchondorf, Randy Gabrielan, Jill Kozlowski, Joe Schweers and Sarah Pomphrey for writing in.

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