This triple escutcheon seems to be trying to tell us something, but what? What does it symbolize? And of course, Where is it? (Click for a closer view.)

If you have a guess as to either, please drop us an email.

Last week’s Where Have I Seen This showed the vacant interior of what appeared to be a rather grand home or business.

Location: the first-floor store space at 32 Monmouth Street in Red Bank. It was last occupied by Stokaboka, which went out of business two years ago.

Thanks for writing in go to Sandy Talarico, Stanley Sickels, Gwen Toline, Jenn Woods, Yvonne MacDonald, and JerseyMermaid – one of whom thought it showed Donovan‘s in Sea Bright, and another who guessed the Downtown in Red Bank. The other four were correct.