P1200095The RBR Buccaneer Athletic Foundation members proudly stand before the new lights on the RBR athletic field. Left to right are (back row) foundation members Don Chamberlain, Scott Navitsky, athletic foundation President Cathy Reardon, RBR Athletic Director Del Dal Pra, RBR Superintendent Dr. Jim Stefankiewicz; (front row) Anne Amato, Debbie Juliano, Jody Navitsky and Judy Bonanno. Not pictured are foundation members Diane Davis and Beth Lloyd. (Click to enlarge)

Press release from Red Bank Regional High School

After two years of fundraising, The Red Bank Regional Buccaneer Athletic Foundation (RBRBAF) has succeeded in its founding initiative of bringing lights to the Red Bank Regional athletic field in the fruition of their “Let There Be Lights” campaign —and on the evening of September 20, the Friday Night Lights come on for the first time, as the RBR Buccaneers play the Wall Township Crimson Knights in a contest that kicks off at 7 pm.

The total cost of the lights, which were installed at the end of July, was approximately $150,000. Area businesses were very generous in donating or extremely discounting their services to help erect the lights. This fall, three home football night games and a girls’ and boys’ soccer game will be played under the lights. The field will also be used for boys’ and girls’ Lacrosse in the spring.

RBRBAF President Cathy Reardon explains, “Everyone understood the importance of bringing lights to our athletic field from a community perspective. It creates a great athletic and social experience for our kids. It was a tremendous community effort.”

RBR Athletic Director Del Dal Pra was very appreciative of the athletic foundation’s work and extolled the virtues of finally having an even playing field (to use a pun) with the other schools in RBR’s athletic division. All had the benefit of lights on their high school fields.

He stated, “This will increase practice time and, therefore, help improve athletic performance. The lights would also allow the district to sponsor athletic tournaments, which would bring additional funding to the athletic program as well as promote community spirit.

RBRBAF member Scott Nevitsky adds that many in the community helped make this happen, “We had a very hardworking committee, held many fundraisers and received generous donations from parents, alumni and the community. We particularly appreciated the partnership with the Red Bank River Center in their International Flavors Festival where we provided the bulk of volunteers and received a generous donation from the proceeds of the event.

He added, “Everyone worked together, they really believed in the mission and had a great passion for the cause.”

The RBRBAF work will continue with a list of other athletic improvements they would like to help bring to RBR.

RBR Superintendent Dr. Jim Stefankiewicz comments, “The Board of Education and I am extremely happy and appreciative of the efforts of the athletic foundation members and look forward to continuing a working relationship with them in the future.”