Brian Salvatore, 24, spent his childhood hanging out “on the corner with all the punk kids” on Broad Street in Red Bank, he says.

That’s where Model Citizen found the 24-year-old Middletown resident one recent afternoon, his face decorated with a classic beard-and-handlebar-mustache combo that even the humidity couldn’t wilt.


His laid-back style takes you back to the ’90s grunge era with a personal twist. To him, style is a creative process, more than just throwing a t-shirt and jeans together, he says.

We found him wearing green pants rolled up at the ankles with black socks, red sneakers, and a t-shirt to match the footwear. To top off the look, he threw on a casual denim button-down.

Brian says he got turned onto style when he started working as a sales associate on the men’s floor at Urban Outfitters, right there on Broad and West Front Street – a job that opened his eyes to expressing personal style in ways that don’t feel superficial.

“I don’t bow to every whim of high or popular fashion,” he says, “but I take note of it, and find it very interesting.”