MODEL-CITIZEN_06AIt was one of those boring rainy days in downtown Red Bank when everyone seems to stay put in the office or at home.

But it didn’t stop Tracy Stamer from strolling Broad Street with her two girls, with whom she was shopping. When you have a pair of chic army green and brown rain boots, why not take advantage?

As soon as your Model Citizen correspondent started taking photographs, though, the rain ceased and the sun came out. Tracy appeared visibly disappointed.

“So much for wearing rain boots,” said the 50-year-old Rumson homemaker.

MODEL-CITIZEN_06BBRain boots have come a long way for women.  The ubiquitous yellow rubber boots of childhood and galoshes of old have given way to designer footwear at all price points, and featuring chic styles that upgrade any look.

But the rain boots were not the only statement piece here.

Tracy also sported black harem pants that were sure to set her apart from the other mothers in our area.  Originating in the Middle East, harem pants can be considered a fashion faux pas or a must-have.  Simplicity is in order when one dares leave the house in these unconventionally shaped trousers.

Tracy executed the look with a casual denim button-down top. Her straight brown hair casually draped her makeup-free face.  MC regrets not asking Tracy what facial products she uses on her flawless, wrinkle free skin.

A stint in the fashion industry and 12 years of living in New York City informed her style, and being creative comes naturally, she said.

“I’m not one to favor any one designer or designers,” she said. “I love to mix and match expensive and inexpensive pieces together. I have a Chanel jacket that I love. I take that and pair it with any top I have, whether it’s designer or not.”

But she’s more interested in interior design than clothing.

“I love decorating my house,” she said with a big smile that revealed her blinding white teeth.