levarspeaking1Former NFL player turned motivational speaker Levar Fisher is the guest speaker on October 23, during Violence and Vandalism Awareness Week activities at Red Bank Regional High School. (click to enlarge)

From press materials furnished by Red Bank Regional High School

The month of October is a busy one at Red Bank Regional High School, with a full schedule of special programs and celebrations beginning today, October 7, when RBR observes a state-mandated Week of Respect that keynotes each morning with students reading “quotes of respect” over the student P.A., accompanied by “music engendering the same theme.”

The school’s in-house RBRTV will feature student-created videos throughout the week, keyed to the theme of Respect. Other highlights, as outlined by the school’s press office, include:

  • Lunch time (from 10:27 – 11:39 am) will take on a fair-like atmosphere, with tables set up by every club doing outreach to everyone in the school, encouraging their participation.
  • Organizations that advocate against bullying will also be available to talk to students and distribute their brochures.  These include 180 Turning Lives Around, and PFLAG RBR’s VPA, 2nd Floor Hotline.
  • Creative Writer Majors will be performing their original work applicable to a tolerance theme.
  • The Multicultural Club will display greetings in many languages.
  • Police officers from the towns of Little Silver, Red Bank, Shrewsbury and Union Beach will mingle with students in the cafeteria presenting a friendly and helpful dimension of law enforcement in the students community.
  • TOP students will distribute and discuss the results from last year’s climate survey, which they conducted of how the RBR student community embraces the LGTB community.
  • Student to Student Peer Leaders will consult freshmen on respect issues.

A federally mandated Violence and Vandalism Awareness Week (October 21 – 25) will be previewed on October 16 with an Internet Safety Program for freshmen, conducted by Student Resource Officer Rob Chenoweth. A Special guest speaker from the Monmouth Prosecutor’s Office (TBA) will also be on hand for the program.

Then, on the morning of October 23, RBR welcomes former NFL star and motivational speaker Levar Fisher for two assemblies (8:43 am and 9:56 am), during which the captain for both the Arizona Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints will address the entire student body with a message against bullying, illuminated by “his own personal stories and experiences on how consequences and decisions made in youth can affect the rest of a person’s life for better or worse.”

That same week will also feature a pair of special assemblies on October 22, organized in observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, and presented to a student body in which more than 20 percent of all students claim Hispanic descent. The assemblies (8:43 am and 9:56 am) will spotlight Hispanic culture, dance, music, as well as keynote speaker Dr. Hector Morales, a dentist in Red Bank.