frida finnegan 102913FRIDA FINNEGAN: “It’s taught me that so many people care.” Full audio: Frida Finnegan 102913 

At Sea Bright’s community dinner and bonfire Tuesday night to commemorate the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, redbankgreen waded into the crowd to ask victims of the storm whether and how the experience of the past year had changed them.

Here are some of the answers.

candace brunswick 102913CANDACE BRUNSWICK: “I’m very much more forgiving of people…” Full audio: Candace Brunswick

sean cahill 102913SEAN CAHILL: “I have better roots in this community now than I ever thought I would.” Full audio: Sean Cahill 102913

lillian farrington 102913LILLIAN FARRINGTON: “The good Lord cleaned out my house – not in the way I would have done it.” Full audio: Lillian Farrington 102913

sharon chessman 102913SHARON CHESSMAN: “You never, ever forget the support of your friends.” Full audio:Sharon Chessman 102913

brian kelly 102913COUNCILMAN BRIAN KELLY: “Quite honestly, I don’t think it has.” Brian Kelly 102913

janet depalma 102913JANET DEPALMA (with friend Sharon Gorman, of Highlands): “Always be prepared.” Full audio: Janet DePalma 102913

chris pfeiffer 102913CHRIS PFEIFFER: “The strength in knowing that if you persevere you can get through hard times.” Full audio: Chris Pfeiffer 102913