authorities3A Little Silver man who co-owned a paving and heavy construction company in Middlesex County pleaded guilty to plotting to bribe an official at Port Elizabeth, Gannett reported Thursday.

George Chrysanthopoulos, 50, was on trial in federal court in Trenton when he agreed to plead guilty to one of seven counts of an indictment, according to the report.

From the story:

Chrysanthopoulos was vice president and co-owner of Tarheel [Enterprises], a heavy construction and paving company headquartered in the Morgan section [of Sayreville] between Feb. 2011 and April 2011. He schemed to bribe Donald Olesky, the former director of facilities maintenance at Maher Terminals LLC in exchange for Olesky’s assistance in rigging Maher Terminals bid process for a construction project in favor of Tarheel, according to documents and evidence admitted in the case and statements made in court.

Unknown to Chrysanthopoulos, Olesky was cooperating with law enforcement and recorded a series of meetings with Chrysanthopoulos during which he schemed to rig the bid. As part of the scheme, Chrysanthopoulos gave Olesky a list of contractors to invite to bid on the project and also agreed to pay Olesky a $50,000 bribe in exchange for his assistance in rigging the bid process in favor of Tarheel.

Chrysanthopoulos faces a maximum prison term of 20 years and maximum fine of $250,000 when he is sentenced by Pisano on March 26, 2014. Chrysanthopoulos was released on bond pending sentencing.