rb halloween 103113 5

rb halloween 103113 3Halloween celebrants from Defined Logic, above, Yo Mon Yogurt, right, and the Red Bank Charter School (see below) were among the characters who added random splashes of color and fake blood – to a gray Halloween in Red Bank Thursday. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge)

rb halloween 103113 6Um, your fly’s open. (Click to enlarge)

rbcs 1 103113Kids from the charter school marched up and down Broad Street. (Click to enlarge)

rbcs 2 103113Doesn’t anybody give out bananas as treats?. (Click to enlarge)

rbcs 3 103113A fine mime from the charter school. (Click to enlarge)

rb halloween 103113 1These girls said they liked having their own paparazzi. (Click to enlarge)

rb halloween 103113 2Yes, you may cut in front of us. (Click to enlarge)