‘Tis always the season for Where Have I Seen This?, the year-round test of your knowledge of landmarks on the sparkly place we call the Green.

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Last week’s photo showed the side of a building with an unusual decorative plaque embedded in an exterior wall. That’s a closer view of the plaque above.

The structure, at 181 River Road in Red Bank, is the home of Paul and Maria Bracco. Paul’s the guitarist in the six-piece Red Bank Blues Band, which will be appearing at the Downtown on Saturday night, as it does once a month.

Paul bought the house with the plaque already there. He tells us there’s one out back, too.

Removed since he acquired the house were a black onyx dolphin that was in the front yard and a weird translucent dome over the front entrance that made visitors “feel like they were under surveillance.”

Bracco tells Where that all those decorative touches, and many more since removed from inside the house, were installed by a former owner, Myron Kaller, an antiques dealer with a taste for Art Deco. We tried reaching Kaller at his home in Monmouth Beach, without success, but if we hear anything interesting from him, we’ll let you know.

We did hear from readers, including Dan Mancuso, who works in the commercial real estate business. He writes:

If my memory serves me, the previous owner told me that piece of art was from a power company in the Midwest.

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Thanks to all who wrote in, and Merry Christmas from Where Have I Seen This?